Two -days training Programme (HRDP) on Vegetables crops focusing on IPM technology and Organic farming was organized by  Central IPM Centre at Chouldari Village in South Andaman district

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Port Blair, Sep 28: The Programme aimed to educate the farmers on the best practice for Vegetable Production and Pest management, which focus on organic and sustainable methods. During the training program, Mr. H.P Ramesh, PPO (E) emphasized on the adverse effect of Chemical Pesticide on Vegetable Crops, the environment and human health. He also stressed upon the importance of raising awareness about the risks associated with the use of chemical pesticide and the need to adapt sustainable and eco-friendly methods for pest management. 

Dr. S. Chakraborty, APPO(PP) emphasized on the importance of preventive measures of disease management in vegetable Crops, promoting and encouraging  biological control methods. 

Dr. Janardan Saikia, APPO(E) ,PQS, Port Blair spoke about IPM Technology for managing the major insect pests of vegetable crops through Cultural, Mechanical, and Biological methods.

Mrs. Beena Neogi, AO from State Dept of Agriculture briefed on the importance of IPM and Organic farming. Mrs. Rajni Murthy, JAA & Mr. Amar kumar Sadhu, AFA and progressive farmers Mr. Ajay Sojal, Mr. B.N. Joydhar, Mr. Paritosh Mondal also participated in the programme.

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