Port Blair Guru Ki Rasoi (NGO) Celebrates Diwali with Old Age Inmates and Specially-Abled Children of Abbhuydaya Complex, Ferrargunj

Port Blair, Nov 09: Port Blair Guru ki Rasoi, (NGO) dedicated to serving the underprivileged celebrated Diwali in a heartwarming event with the old age inmates and specially-abled children of the Abbhyuday Complex in Ferrargunj In collaboration with Directorate of Social Welfare. The event aimed to spread joy, love, and inclusivity during the festive season.

As part of their philanthropic efforts, PB Guru ki Rasoi distributed clothes, sweets, and Diyas to all the inmates of the Abbhyuday Complex. The gesture was intended to not only bring warmth and happiness to their lives but also to provide a sense of belonging during the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

Additionally, the NGO organized a beautiful musical tribute for the old age inmates, featuring the talented musical band, “BRW Entertainment.”

The soothing melodies, soulful tunes, and heartwarming performances created an enchanting atmosphere, evoking nostalgia and joy among the elderly participants. The event concluded with a small community lunch for all the attendees, fostering a spirit of togetherness and camaraderie.

“The Diwali celebration at Abbhuydaya Complex was a testament to our commitment to promoting social harmony and inclusivity,” said Mr. Mandeep Grewal (Founder & President), the spokesperson for PB Guru ki Rasoi. “We believe that everyone, regardless of age or ability, deserves love, care, and happiness. It was a privilege for our organization to be a part of their celebrations and contribute to their wellbeing. “The event not only provided a platform for expressions of care and affection but also stood as a reminder that compassion has the power to bring positivity and happiness to the lives of others.

Mr. A.K. Biswas, the In-charge of Abbhyuday Complex, extended a heartfelt vote of thanks on behalf of the Directorate of Social Welfare. He expressed deep gratitude to Mr. Mandeep Grewal, the founder of Guru ki Rasoi, for organizing such a beautiful program for the old age home. The celebration served as a reminder to society about the significance of caring for and valuing our senior citizens.

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