Celebration of National Youth Day by Nehru Yuva Kendra Port Blair

Port Blair, Jan 12: Nehru Yuva Kendra, Port Blair, in association with PM Shree KV No.1, celebrated National Youth Day with exuberance at the School CCA Hall. The event, attended by approximately 125 enthusiastic youth, was a resounding success, marking a day of inspiration and enlightenment.

The ceremony commenced with the warm welcome of 25 selected cadets who volunteered to support road safety traffic. The volunteers added a dynamic spirit to the event, embodying the commitment of the youth towards societal well-being. Later, the Chief Guest, Mr. Kuldeep Rai Sharma, Member of Parliament, Andaman and Nicobar constituency, was welcomed with a bouquet and presented with a traditional ‘swal’ as a token of honor.

Mr. Sharma addressed the audience, emphasizing the crucial role of youth empowerment and education in shaping the nation’s future. He applauded the dedication of the cadets towards road safety, highlighting the significance of such initiatives in building a responsible and aware society.

The Principal Mr. Sukhvinder Singh addressed the gathering, shedding light on the pivotal role of youth and underscoring the importance of National Youth Day in fostering a sense of responsibility and patriotism among the younger generation. While Mr. Iswar Chand Soni, PGT geography also present to grece the occasion.

The awards ceremony included the recognition of winners from both the Viksit Bharat Declamation Contest and National Youth Day’s Declamation Contest. Special mention was given to Mr. Manoj Kumar, Art teacher, Mr. Hitesh Kumar Sharma, and Mr. Ghadge shrikant for their exemplary services in implementing various programs of Nehru Yuva Kendra.

Gopal Ch Biswas, in his role as the host, concluded the event by proposing a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all the dignitaries, participants, and contributors who made the celebration a grand success. The program included the screening of the live telecast of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, adding a national touch to the festivities.

The collaboration between Nehru Yuva Kendra and PM Shree KV No.1 showcased a strong commitment to fostering Swami Vivekananda’s ideals among the youth, setting a positive tone for the future. The event exemplified the spirit of National Youth Day, encouraging the youth to actively engage in nation-building endeavors, aligning with the vision of Viksit Bharat @2047.

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