Child Helpline 1098 and SARA Collaborate for Adoption Awareness Program at Marina Park

Port Blair, May 05: The Child Helpline 1098 in collaboration with the State Adoption Resource Agency (SARA) under the Directorate of Social Welfare has conducted an awareness program at Marina Park. The programme was aimed at raising awareness about legal adoption and the services provided by Child Helpline 1098. The joint effort between Child Helpline 1098 and SARA demonstrates a shared commitment to advocate for the rights and well being of children, particularly those in need of a stable and nurturing family environment.

   Dr. Nitin Shakya, Director of Social Welfare underscored the vital importance of such programs in enhancing awareness among children and ensuring they receive timely and adequate assistance. He emphasised the collective responsibility of society to remain vigilant and responsive to the needs of its youngest members. Viewing Child Helpline 1098 as a pivotal step towards fostering a safer environment for all children, he believes that an empowered and educated community is indispensable in catalysing this positive transformation. The program commenced with an informative session targeting the general public, emphasising the importance of legal adoption and providing insights into the adoption process. Attendees were provided with pamphlets detailing the legal adoption procedures and outlining the range of services offered by Child Helpline 1098. 

     These informative materials were distributed to all participants to ensure widespread access to crucial information. In addition to raising awareness, Child Helpline 1098 has also set up posters and selfie stands for the general public, inviting attendees to capture moments of support for legal adoption and child welfare.

     As part of the program, Child Helpline 1098 demonstrated its 24×7 phone service, showcasing its accessibility and responsiveness to children in need of assistance and support. This demonstration aimed to underscore the importance of Child Helpline 1098 as a lifeline for children facing various challenges and crises.

      The awareness program was inaugurated by Mrs. Beena Das, Helpline Administrator, CHL-1098. Mr. Koteshwar Rao, Program Manager, SARA was also present on the occasion. The initiative also highlights the comprehensive range of services provided by Child Helpline 1098, including counselling, emergency intervention, and rehabilitation support for children in distress. Through proactive engagement and outreach efforts, Child Helpline 1098 and SARA seek to empower individuals and families to navigate the adoption process with confidence and compassion. 

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