State Child Protection Society (SCPS) Advocates for Child Rights in a Comprehensive Awareness Programme at Seva Niketan

Port Blair, Mar 28: The State Child Protection Society (SCPS) under Directorate of Social Welfare took a significant stride towards promoting child welfare by organizing an impactful Awareness Programme on Child Rights and Responsibilities. The event, held at Seva Niketan, Dairy Farm, illuminated the path towards acknowledging and understanding the fundamental rights and responsibilities of children.

Dr. Nitin Shakya, Director (Social Welfare), took the initiative a notch higher by delving deeper into the Rights of Children. He has urged the continuous implementation of this program in every Child Care Institution (CCI) to ensure heightened awareness among children. He actively motivates everyone to engage in such initiatives, fostering a positive impact

Mrs. Rehaneth Begum, Program Manager at SCPS, inaugurated the program with a focus on four fundamental rights: Right to Education: Children have the right to education, and it is their responsibility to actively engage in learning and strive for academic excellence. Right to Participation: Children possess the right to express their views and be involved in decisions that affect them. It is their responsibility to actively participate in community activities and respect the opinions of others. Right to Life: Ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for every child is essential. Children have the responsibility to uphold the well-being and rights of their peers. Right to Health: Access to healthcare services is a fundamental right. Children are responsible for maintaining their health through healthy habits and self-care.

Further elevating the spirits of the event also included drawing kits provided to the children, allowing them to express their creativity and thoughts visually. This aspect of the program encouraged artistic expression and served as a platform for the children to communicate their perspectives on child rights and responsibilities through art.

The programme drew to a close with a sincere vote of thanks by the in-charge of Seva Niketan, encapsulating the gratitude felt towards all participants, and the staff of Directorate of social welfare. The event underscored the collective responsibility of society in safeguarding the rights of children and ensuring their holistic development.

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