HumaneTouch and Eyecone Clinic Host Free Eye Awareness and Screening Camp, Supported by Pradhan Gram Panchayat Wimberlygunj and Kanyapuram

Port Blair, June 08: In a bid to promote eye health and raise awareness about the importance of regular eye check-ups, Humane Touch, in association with Eyecone Clinic, organized a free eye awareness and screening camp. The event was fully supported by the Pradhan Gram Panchayat Wimberlygunj and Kanyapuram. The camp aimed to provide accessible eye care services to the local community and educate them about the significance of maintaining good eye health.

The event commenced with Br. Intezar Naheem, President of Humane Touch, extending a warm welcome to all the attendees and introducing the organization’s mission and activities. He emphasized the commitment of Humane Touch to improving the well-being of individuals and communities through various initiatives.

The camp not only focused on eye health but also emphasized the correlation between eye health and mental well-being. Dr. Mithesh Behari, a renowned Psychiatrist, shared his valuable insights on the importance of taking care of one’s eyes and the impact it can have on overall mental health. His views shed light on the interconnectedness of physical and mental well-being, urging individuals to prioritize their eye health.

Dr. Seema Das, an experienced Ophthalmologist, emphasized the need for regular eye screenings and created awareness about common eye conditions. She highlighted the fact that many eye problems can be easily prevented or treated if detected early through regular check-ups. By imparting knowledge about the significance of eye screenings, she aimed to empower individuals to take proactive steps towards their eye health.

The event also witnessed the presence of prominent community leaders,Mr. P Basheer, Pradhan of Kanyapuram and Mr. Venkat Ram Babu, Pradhan of Wimberly Gunj, who expressed their support for the initiative. They acknowledged the efforts of Humane Touch and Eyecone Clinic in organizing such a beneficial camp for the community and encouraged everyone to participate actively.

A total of 76 individuals availed themselves of the screening services provided during the camp. These screenings included comprehensive eye examinations, vision tests, and guidance on maintaining good eye health. The attendees appreciated the opportunity to have their eyes checked by experienced professionals and to receive guidance on proper eye care practices.

The program concluded with Br. C. Shafique, the coordinator of the event, delivering a vote of thanks to all the participants, volunteers, and supporters. He expressed his gratitude to Eyecone Clinic, and the Pradhan, Gram Panchayat Wimberly Gunj and Kanyapuram for their collaborative efforts in making the camp a success.

The entire program was skillfully anchored by Br. NM Shafique, Executive Member, Humane Touch, who ensured the smooth flow of the event.

The free eye awareness and screening camp organized by Humane Touch and Eyecone Clinic, with the support of the Pradhan Gram Panchayat Wimberly and Kanyapuram, proved to be an enlightening and beneficial event for the local community. During the event Br. Intezar Naheem, President, HumaneTouch felicitated Dr. Seema Das by presenting a memento for her endless services.

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