Cyber Awareness to Combat Cyber Threats

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Port Blair, Aug 04: As technology continues to shape the world, it brings numerous benefits and conveniences. However, it also opens doors for malicious individuals to exploit vulnerabilities, leading to an alarming surge in cybercrime incidents. Today, to find ourselves facing an unprecedented increase in cyber threats, making it crucial for to stay informed and vigilant to counter these digital dangers. 

To address this issue, some of the key Points to be adapted are:

Keeping operating systems and software applications updated and patched from trusted sources on a regular basis. Ensuring latest Operating Systems/Versions/ Software installed which have the latest security features inbuilt.

Procure and use only GENUINE and LATEST software & hardware from trusted sources, to benefit from the latest security & privacy features.

Using reputable antivirus software and keeping it up to date. Regularly scan your system for malware and ensure that real-time protection is enabled.

Be cautious, when opening email attachments or downloading files from untrusted sources. Scan all attachments and downloads with antivirus software before opening them.

Enabling the built-in firewall in the operating system. Firewalls help block unauthorized access and protect against network-based attacks.

Be cautious while visiting websites and clicking on links. Avoid suspicious websites and only download files from trusted sources. Consider using a web browser, with built-in security features.

Be cautious of emails, messages, or pop-ups asking for personal information or urging you to click on a link. Avoid providing sensitive information unless being certain of the sender’s identity and legitimacy.

Create strong, unique passwords for your online accounts and change them periodically. Avoid using easily guessable passwords or reusing passwords across multiple accounts and configure a limit for password attempts.

Regularly backing up important files and data to an external hard drive, cloud storage, or another secure location. In case of a malware attack, restore the system to a clean state.

Performing regular full system scans with antivirus software to detect and remove any potential threats.

Stay informed about the latest malware threats and security practices from trusted sources such as CERT-In.

Strict adherence to the above-mentioned suggestions will lead to computer systems being safeguarded from malicious softwares such as Trojan horses, Virus, Worms etc. Assistance of Cyber Cell (CID) may be taken, in case of any need, over Ph No. 03192-230668 & 8900910411.

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