Cancer Patient Recovers through Radical Nephrectomy Carried Out at ANIIMS, Port Blair

Port Blair, Apr 02: A 70 year old male (name kept anonymous for patient privacy) presented with vague abdominal pain and weight loss. He was evaluated with a CECT scan of the abdomen which revealed cancer of the right kidney. Considering the older age and major operation, Cardiologist and Physician consultation was taken and anesthesiology fitness was obtained for the procedure.

   The team of Surgeons comprising of Dr. G. Gajendraraj, Professor of Surgery, ANIIMS, Dr. Mohammed Mustafa PP, Assistant Professor of Surgery, ANIIMS and Anesthesiologist, Dr. Sharan, Assistant Professor of Anesthesia, ANIIMS conducted Radical Nephrectomy (complex operation removing kidney and surrounding diseased tissue) on 16th February, 2023.   The procedure lasted for 4 1⁄2 hours. Postoperative care was given in Surgical ICU by a multidisciplinary team involving the Cardiologist and Anesthetist and Surgeons. The patient has recovered well and the biopsy report showed good clearance with no residual disease. The patient will be followed on OPD basis and is now disease free. 

    Such complex surgical procedures are being done on the mainland with a large Oncological set up. It is worth mentioning that all major procedures are being carried out at ANIIMS, Port Blair with more specialties being included, so that the best possible care is given to the patients of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

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