State Child Protection Society under Directorate of Social Welfare Embarks on Swachata Abhiyaan Program at Abhyudaya Complex, Ferrargunj

Port Blair, Apr 05: State Child Protection Society (SCPS) under Directorate of Social Welfare, initiated a Swachata Abhiyaan program at the Abhyudaya Complex, Ferrargunj. The program was started by the Program Manager of SCPS, Mrs. Rehaneth Begum, who emphasized the critical importance of Swachata (cleanliness) in our daily lives.

This event saw the active participation of children from Child Care Institutions (CCI) of Abbhyuday Complex, Ferrargunj who were not only educated about personal hygiene but were also provided with drawing kits. The kits are part of a broader initiative to encourage creative expressions of cleanliness and hygiene among children. Mrs. Rehaneth Begum, Program Manager (SCPS) engaged with the kids, discussing the myriad aspects of personal hygiene and how it plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Nitin Shakya, Director (Social Welfare), who took the initiative to further underscore the importance of the Swachata Abhiyaan program. He aslo insightful remarks highlighted the fundamental role that initiatives like Swachata Abhiyaan play in instilling good hygiene habits among children, setting a strong foundation for their overall well-being and development.

The Swachata Abhiyaan program is a testament to the government’s commitment to nurturing a clean and healthy environment for the younger generation. Through educational and engaging initiatives like this, the Directorate of Social Welfare aim to instill lifelong habits of cleanliness and personal hygiene in children.

The program ended on a high note with smiles and laughter, as children showcased their artistic talents through the drawing kits provided. The lively discussions about personal hygiene, coupled with the enthusiastic participation in the Swachata Abhiyaan, signaled a successful launch of what promises to be a transformative campaign for the children of the Abhyudaya Complex and beyond.

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