Physical Fitness and Awareness Programme (Hasgulla Club) under Nasha Mukht Bharat Abhiyan Every Saturday & Sunday

Port Blair, May 24: Physical Fitness and Awareness program “Hasgulla Club” under the Nasha Mukht Bharat Abhiyan is a unique initiative aimed at bringing individuals together every Saturday and Sunday morning at Joggers Park, Port Blair, from 5:30 am to 7:00 am (The program schedule in contingents upon weather condition). The programme features a variety of fitness activities and is led by Mr. Ravinder Rao, a teacher renowned for his expertise in the “Art of Living.” on Saturday and Sunday Shihan M.S Murgan, Ex. Sub Inspector of A&N Police (IRBN) an expert in physical fitness and mental health further an additional yoga teacher from IRCA (Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts), South Andaman.

Dr. Nitin Shakya, Director (Social Welfare) aims to encourage community members to prioritize their physical well-being and gain valuable awareness on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. The initiative is a testament to the Directorate of Social Welfare’s commitment to the overall well-being of the community and its proactive role in promoting a healthier and happier society.

He also highlighted four key benefits of yoga and meditation:

  • Improved Physical Health: Regular yoga practice enhances flexibility, strength, and overall physical fitness.
  • Mental Clarity and Focus: Meditation helps in achieving better concentration and mental clarity, reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Enhanced Emotional Stability: Both yoga and meditation contribute to emotional balance and inner peace.
  • Community Bonding: Group activities foster a sense of community and mutual support.

The Directorate of Social Welfare invites all interested individuals to join the “Hasgulla Club” programme and take advantage of the fitness and awareness activities offered. This is a fantastic opportunity for community members to improve their physical health and gain valuable insights into leading a balanced lifestyle.

For those interested in joining or seeking more information about the Hasgulla Club, please reach out to the Nodal Officer (Prohibition), Department of Social Welfare, at 03192-244386.

“Join us at Jogger’s Park, Port Blair, for a fresh start and something new! Let’s stride together towards a Healthier, Happier, and Substance-free society”

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