N&MA Police Vigilant in Ensuring Adherence to Model Code of Conduct Ahead of 2024 Elections

Port Blair, Apr 08: North & Middle Andaman District Police is steadfast in its commitment to maintaining the integrity of the electoral process in view of forthcoming General Election-2024. Vigilance measures have been intensified to ensure strict adherence to the Model Code of Conduct.

In a series of proactive actions, the N&MA Police has conducted regular excise raids and jungle raids to crack down on any illegal activities that may undermine the sanctity of the electoral process. These actions have led to significant results, such as the recent discovery and seizure of 110 bottles of IMFL by the PS Billiground team. After MCC, a total of 237 bottles of IMFL & 103.5 litres of illicit liquor have been confiscated from various locations, resulting in the registration of 50 cases under the Excise Regulation.  In another successful raid, the PS Baratang seized 100 Kg of illicit Handia, bringing the total amount seized to 154 Kg since the commencing of MCC. These seizures demonstrate the commitment of the N&MA Police to combat the illegal distribution of alcohol, which has the potential to influence voters and disrupt the electoral environment.

Furthermore, during jungle raids aimed at dismantling illegal operations, 2877 litres of lehan have been destroyed so far. Additionally, 98 bootleggers have been booked under 110(g) Cr.PC, further strengthening the efforts to eliminate sources of illegal liquor and maintain law and order in the region.

N&MA District Police is resolutely dedicated to upholding the principles of democracy and ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process. Our efforts to enforce the Model Code of Conduct and crack down on illegal activities demonstrate our unwavering commitment to maintaining the integrity of the electoral process.

The N&MA Police urges the public to cooperate with law enforcement authorities and adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Model Code of Conduct. Together, we can ensure a peaceful and democratic election environment for all. 

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