ICAR-CIARI Conducts Farmers Awareness Programme at Shaheed Dweep Island

Port Blair, May 29: An awareness program was conducted at Shaheed Dweep Island on May 17th and 18th, 2024, organized by the Agro-meteorological Field Unit (AMFU) of ICAR-CIARI under the GKMS project, funded by the IMD. A total of 27 farmers from various villages attended the programme. Dr. Abhilash, Scientist (Agro-Meteorology) highlighted the importance of weather-based farm planning. He advised farmers to use weather forecasts to optimize their agricultural activities, choose resilient crop varieties suitable for local conditions, and align crop planting schedules with the monsoon onset. He also emphasized effective water and soil management and the benefits of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) through agro-advisories. He also advocated for crop rotation and diversification, recommending intercropping in coconut farming to enhance soil health and resilience. Furthermore, he encouraged farmers to participate in agricultural events like farmers’ fairs, workshops, and training sessions conducted by ICAR-CIARI for skill enhancement. Mr. Chittaranjan Raul, Scientist (Aquaculture), provided valuable insights into the polyculture of fish species like Catla, Rohu, Rupchanda, Silver carp, and Pangas in farm ponds. He covered essential aspects of feeding practices during the culture period. Mr. T.K. Biswas, Technical Officer for GKMS, outlined the activities of GKMS and introduced mobile apps such as Meghdoot and Damini, which provide real-time updates and advisories. He encouraged farmers to utilize GKMS services to minimize losses. The programme was coordinated under the supervision of Dr. E.B.Chakurkar, Director, ICAR-CIARI, Port Blair.

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