ANTCC President Urges Health Secretary to Address Dialysis Machine Shortage at Bambooflat Community Health Centre

Port Blair, Apr 03: In a pressing plea to the Secretary of Health, A&N Administration, the President of the Andaman Nicobar Territorial Congress Committee, Mr. Rangalal Halder, has called for immediate action to address the critical shortage of dialysis machines at the Community Health Centre (CHC) in Bambooflat.

In a letter addressed , he said that currently, the Bambooflat CHC operates with limited dialysis machines and  a number of patients are insufficient to meet the escalating demand for dialysis services in the region and the  Patients are enduring prolonged waiting times, exacerbating their health conditions and diminishing their quality of life.

He  implores the Health Secretary to promptly provide an additional dialysis machine to the Bambooflat CHC for the expansion to ensure timely and uninterrupted access to life-saving dialysis treatments for patients in need.

Mr. Halder stated that “The provision of additional dialysis machines is paramount to addressing the pressing needs of the patients and enhancing the quality of healthcare services in Bambooflat.”

Further , Mr. Halder urges the Health Secretary to prioritize this matter and take swift action to procure for installation of additional dialysis machines at the Bambooflat CHC.

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