A Life Skill Education Awareness Program at Capstone CCI Home Organized by State Child Protection Society
(SCPS) Under Directorate of Social Welfare

Port Blair, May 10: State Child Protection Society under Directorate (Social Welfare) is advocating for the integration of life skill education programs in Child Care Institutions (CCIs) to empower and educate children under their care.

            A recent Life Skill Education Awareness Program held at Capstone CCI Home underscored the vital role of such initiatives in enhancing the capabilities of children. Dr. Nitin Shakya, Director (Social Welfare), emphasized the significance of life skills and called for the continuous implementation of similar programs at all CCIs. He stressed the importance of raising awareness among children and facilitating their active participation in programs aimed at fostering positive impacts.

            Mrs. Rehaneth Begum, Program Manager, State Child Protection Society (SCPS), elaborated on the importance of Life Skill Education and engaging activities for children. She highlighted how acquiring essential life skills can positively influence an individual’s overall development and future success. Drawing kits and Water bottles were distributed to all children present at the program to encourage their participation and enhance their learning experience.

The program focused on several key areas, including:

  • Child Right: Child rights guarantee children access to education, healthcare, and protection from exploitation, and the right to express themselves, ensuring their overall well-being and development.
  • Communication: Teaching children how to express themselves effectively and listen actively.
  • Problem Solving: Equipping them with skills to solve problems independently.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Helping them understand and manage emotions. Etc

Speaking on behalf of the CCI home, Mr. Kenneth Elijha (In-Charge) extended heartfelt thanks to the State Child Protection Society (SCPS) under the Directorate of Social Welfare for arranging the event and for their thoughtful initiative in organizing such engaging activities. 

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