Successful Interception of Fishing Trawler near Goal Pahad Region by Joint Police-Fisheries Operation by ANP

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Port Blair, Aug 17: In a commendable display of vigilance and collaboration, a joint operation led by SHO PS Rangat, Inspector RK Mazumder, and Fisheries department staff, effectively intercepted an alleged fishing trawler near the Goal Pahad region, which was found operating well within the restricted zone of 5 nautical miles from the shore.

Acting on credible information received on August 16, 2023, the proactive team was swiftly assembled, consisting of dedicated personnel from both the Police Marine Force and the Fisheries department. The team comprised PCs Augustin, Zainuddin, Sital Das, Yashwant and Ct Pavan Kumar along with Fisheries department representative Mr. Ramaiha set sail from Nimbutala Jetty in a Police Marine Force FIB boat to intercept the suspected fishing trawler.

Upon reaching the vicinity, the fishing trawler bearing the identification number IND-AN-SA-MM-228, named SRI IRUKKANKUDI MARIYAMMAN, was successfully intercepted. The vessel, with one Master and six crew members aboard, was anchored near the Long Island Shore. A GPS measurement of the vessel’s location indicated it to be situated merely 1.2 Nautical Miles from the Long Island shore and 3 nautical miles from Nimbutala, which significantly exceeded the permissible limit.

Following due procedure, the Fisheries department officials onboard the trawler carried out the necessary formalities. Subsequently, the vessel was escorted to the shore of Nimbutala Jetty for further actions in accordance with the law.

The entire operation was conducted with the utmost precision and professionalism, under the vigilant oversight of Mr. Vishesh Dhatterwal, SDPO Rangat, and under the comprehensive direction of Mrs. Geetanjali Khandelwal, IPS, SP N & MA.

The general public and fishermen who are venturing in sea are requested to pass and share any credible information pertaining to sighting of foreign boats/nationals to their nearest Police Station or over phone No.100, 112 & 03192-273344. Their identity will be kept secret and they will be suitably rewarded for their brave act.

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