Power Interruption Schedule

Port Blair, Feb 06: It is brought to the notice of electricity consumer and general public that, due to shortfall of power generation and to manage the shortfall of power generation through available power, the electricity department will exercise approximately 45 minutes rotational load shedding in and around Port Blair and South Andaman area during evening hours from 05.00 PM to 11.00 PM, if required, as per schedule given below. The below mentioned load shedding schedule is purely tentative and the duration & timing may vary depending on available power generation and other technical reasons. The schedule will be enforced for next 15 days or till further intimation.

TimeArea affected
1700 Hrs. To  1745 Hrs.Sippighat, Teylarabad, Bimblitan, Manjeri, Guptapara, Manglutan, Wandoor, ChouldariTushnabad, Port Mount, Tirur, Templemyo, Ograbranj, part of Garacharama, Dollygunj, Attompahar, Old Pahargaon, ICMR Colony area, part of Minnie Bay, Marine Hill, Dugnabad complete, Round Basti & Netaji Club area.
1745 Hrs.  To  1830 Hrs.AKT Miniplex, Bird Line, Mahaveer Nagar, Kamaraj Nagar, Beodnabad, Rangachang, Burmanallah, Chidiyatapu, Part of Junglighat, Vijay Baugh, Dairy Farm complete, STS Workshop, BSNL Bhawan, Model School Area, Fire Brigade, ANIIDCO Bhawan area, Girls School, CCS Aberdeen Bazaar area, Supply Line complete, Netaji Stadium area, Electricity Bazaar site office, Jama Masjid, Netaji Club and part of Gurudwara Lane.
1830 Hrs. To 1915 Hrs.Shadipur, South Point, MazaarPahad, Machi Line, RGT Road, Govt. Press and JNRM College, part of Sippighat, Chouldari Lal Pahar, Tsunami Shelter, Mithakhari, NamunaGhar, Dunduspoint& Hathi Tappu, Buniyadabad, AIR, DDK Colony, part of Delanipur, part of Prem Nagar, Coast Guard Enclave, Coast Guard HQ, Coast Guard Jetty, Panipat Road & Fortress HeadQuarter.
1915 Hrs. To  2000 Hrs.Rajasthan Mandir, ALWH Colony, Hawaghar Jn., Dudh Line, Nayagaon, Bargat Line, GPRA Colony &Carbyn’s Jn., Bhatu Basti complete, Laxmi Motor Area, Pathergudda, Satellite Colony, New Pahargaon and Bambooflat to Wimberlygunj
2000 PM To 2045 PMMathura, Bridavan, Ferargunj to Jirkatang, StewartGunj, Kanyapuram, Wimberlygunj to Shoal Bay, Agency House, Garacharama complete, 5 MW Solar Power Plant area, part of Dollygunj, part of Pahargaon, ICMR Colony area, part of School Line and Water Treatment Plant area at Lamba lane, CARI, Ayyanar Temple, Calicut, New Bilmblitan, part of Teylaraboad& Macca Pahad.
2045 PM To 2130 PMGaracharama Sub Station, Japan Nallah, Austinabad, Prothrapur, Carbyn’s Cove, Brichgunj, Brookshabad, part of Chakkar Gaon, LightHouse, Phoenix Bay, Fisheries Jetty area, Anarkali, Delanipur, Quarry Hill, PhongyKyaung, Foreshore Road, Megapode, Teal House, Horticulture Road, Part of Gurudwara Lane, Bengali Club, Biggi Lane, Anthropological Museum, Middle Point, Link Road, VIP Road, Police Line and part of Junglighat
2130 PM To 2215 PMHaddo, Haddo Wharf, Foreshore Road and upto Civil Aviation Delanipur, Mohanpura, Babu Lane, Aberdeen Bazaar from Ratnam Market to Taxi Stand, Aberdeen Thana, part of Gurudwara Lane, BSNL Telephone Exchange, Prem Nagar, Golghar, Carmel School area, KV-I area &Murdakhari area.
2215 PM To 2300 PMShristy Nagar, Atlanta Point, Cellular Jail, , G.B.Pant and Police HQ, Marina Park & Aberdeen Bazaar site office area, Dairy Farm Junction, CPWD Complex, Lamba Line, Ranchi Tekery, School Line complete & part of Minnie Bay

All the consumers of the Electricity Department and general public are requested to conserve electricity and regulate consumption of use of electricity.

The inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.

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