Power Interruption

Port Blair, June 08: Due to heavy rains in Port Blair, the outdoor breakers installed in Garacharma Sub-Station have developed insulation failure issues, which needs to be attended on top priority by taking complete shutdown of feeders emanating from Garacharma Sub-Station, for safety of staff and equipments. The above mentioned work is scheduled to be undertaken on 10.06.2023. During the above maintenance work, the power supply of Bhatu Basti complete, Laxmi Motor Area, Pathergudda, Satellite Colony, New Pahargaon, Agency House, Garacharama complete, 5 MW Solar Power Plant area, Garacharama Sub Station, Japan Nallah, Austinabad, Prothrapur, Carbyn’s Cove, Brichgunj, Brookshabad, part of Chakkargoan, Part of Garacharama, Dollygunj, Attam Pahad, Old Pahargaon, ICMR Colony area, part of Minnie Bay, part of School Line, Water Treatment Plant area at Lamba lane, AKT Miniplex, Bird Line, Mahaveer Nagar, Kamaraj Nagar, Beodnabad, Rangachang, Burmanallah, Chidiyatapu, CARI, Ayyanar Temple, Calicut, New Bilmblitan, Macca Pahad, Sippighat, Teylarabad, Bimblitan, Manjeri, Guptapara, Manglutan, Wandoor, Chouldari Tushnabad, Port Mount, Tirur, Templemyo, Ograbranj, Mithakhari, Namunaghar, Dunduspoint & Hathi Tappu areas will be affected on 10.06.2023 between 0630 and1500 hrs.

In addition to above, the power supply will remain suspended at Bambooflat to Wimberlygunj, Mathura, Bridavan, Ferargunj to Jirkatang, StewartGunj, Kanyapuram, Wimberlygunj to Shoal Bay,  areas on 10.06.2023 (Saturday) from 0730 hrs. to 1400 hrs. in connection with emergency maintenance of breakers at Bambooflat Sub-Station.

The above mentioned schedule is tentative, if the work is completed before the schedule, feeders will be charged accordingly.

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