Mariyam Bibi along with other leaders urge Secretary (Shipping) to Resume Ferry Services

Port Blair, May 03: A delegation led by Ms. V.K. Mariyam Bibi, ZPM Bambooflat, along with Mr. A. Ummer, ZPM Wimberlygunj, Mrs. Rasheeda Bibi, Pradhan Hopetown, and Mr. B. Laxmi Narayan, met with Mr. Kishore, IAS Secretary (Shipping), in his office to discuss the ongoing issue of shortage of vehicle ferries between Bambooflat and Chatham.

During the meeting, the delegation apprised the Secretary of the problems faced by the commuters who travel from Bambooflat to Chatham due to a lack of vehicle ferries. They emphasized the need for continuous ferry services to ensure people can reach their workplaces, hospitals, and colleges on time.

The Secretary assured the delegation that ferry services would resume soon and immediately directed the operation of an additional vehicle ferry from the same evening. The delegation expressed gratitude for the Secretary’s prompt action and thanked him for his concern.

The delegation hopes that the ferry services will continue uninterrupted to alleviate the difficulties faced by the commuters traveling between Bambooflat and Chatham. They expressed their sincere appreciation to the Secretary for his efforts to address the issue.

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