Mandatory Biometric Authentication for Subsidy Transfers – A Crucial Update for PRIYA INDANE LPG Consumers

PRIYA INDANE, Indane LPG Distributor, a trusted name in the LPG industry, wishes to inform all its esteemed consumers of an important update concerning subsidy transfers.

In accordance with the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India, a recent directive (Order no. M-13025(11)/4/2023-LPG-PNG(E-45700) dated 18th Oct 2023) has been issued to IOCL, mandating that subsidy transfers beyond 31st December 2023, will exclusively be facilitated for customers who have undergone biometric authentication. This measure is designed to enhance the security of subsidy transactions, ensuring they reach only legitimate recipients.

Key Points:

Mandatory Biometric Authentication: To continue benefiting from subsidy transfers, all registered LPG consumers under PRIYA INDANE are urged to complete their eKYC/biometric authentication during the refill delivery process.

Authentication at PRIYA INDANE LPG Godown, Manpur, South Andaman & Priya Indane 210, M G Road, Junglighat, Port Blair: Additionally, for the convenience of our consumers, eKYC/biometric authentication will also be available at Priya Indane LPG Godown, Manpur, and at Priya Indane 210, M.G. Road, Junglighat, Port Blair, from 1st  December 2023 onwards. 

Utilization of FaceID Recognition Aadhaar Authentication App: Our dedicated delivery personnel will employ the FaceID recognition Aadhaar authentication app to facilitate the biometric authentication process.

Deadline: The deadline for completing the authentication process is 31st December 2023. Consumers are encouraged to act promptly to avoid any disruption in subsidy transfers.

Consumer Cooperation: PRIYA INDANE acknowledges the crucial role consumers play in the success of this directive. Your cooperation in completing the authentication process is highly appreciated and will ensure the seamless continuation of subsidy benefits.

PRIYA INDANE is committed to providing safe, reliable, and compliant LPG services to its consumers. This update aligns with our ongoing efforts to enhance security and streamline subsidy processes for the benefit of our valued customers.

For further information, please contact: PRIYA INDANE, Indane LPG Distributor 210 M G Road , Junglighat, Port Blair – 744103, Ph No. 03192-232897/9679578100

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