Major Illicit Liquor Manufacturing Operation Thwarted in Shyamkund Jungle

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Port Blair, Sep 11: In a significant breakthrough for law enforcement, a crucial tip-off received by the Police Station Rangat this morning led to the discovery of a substantial illicit liquor production operation deep within the dense jungle of Shyamkund, Bakultala. As part of the continued crackdown on illicit liquor manufacturing, an elite team was swiftly assembled under the leadership of Inspector R.K Mazumder, the SHO of PS Rangat.

The dedicated team, comprising PCs Anil Yadav, Sonu Kumar Yadav, Sheetal Das, Ram Prakash Rao, Cts Subol Bepari, and William acted promptly and launched a coordinated raid deep within the Shyamkund forest.

Through unwavering determination and relentless pursuit, the law enforcement team successfully uncovered and confiscated a substantial quantity of illicit liquor production equipment. The seizure included 21 tins and drums, containing approximately 450 liters of Lahan, alongside various utensils and wood supplies required for the preparation of illicit liquor, found hidden at different locations within the jungle. All the confiscated materials were destroyed, delivering a significant blow to the illicit liquor manufacturing network.

The entire operation was conducted under the vigilant supervision of Mr. Vishesh Dhatterwal, DANIPS, SDPO Rangat, and the overall direction and supervision of Ms. Niharika Bhatt, IPS, Superintendent of Police, N&M Andaman District.

The proactive efforts of the police have been highly commended by the community. This successful operation represents yet another step forward in the ongoing fight against illicit liquor, bootlegging, and drug abuse in the region.

The dedication and commitment of the police force to maintain law and order, safeguard the community, and tackle the illicit liquor trade continue to be unwavering. This operation serves as a testament to the relentless pursuit of justice and security in the region.

The district police follow a policy of zero tolerance towards any organized crime. The general public is requested to pass and share any credible information pertaining to any crime or illegal activities to their nearest police station or over phone No.100, 112 & 03192-273344. The identity of the informers will be kept secret and will also be suitably rewarded

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