IPF writes to HM, demands Implementation of Domicile  Certificate for Government Job in ANI

Port Blair, Nov 17: With a prayer to the Home Minister, Government of India, New Delhi, in respect of Implementation of Domicile / Local Certificate for Government Job in A & N Islands, Mr. M.T.Musthafa, President, Island Protection Forum, wrote a letter to him today.

Hailing the Government of India for the implementation of Domicile Certificate for Government Jobs in Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh, Mr. Mustafa said in his letter that this decision of the Union of India is bound to help the Local Youths of these regions in securing Govt. Jobs which in turn can pave way for making them and their family financially strong and independent, and hence the Youths of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are also expecting to implement the domicile certificate in these Islands for securing job in the Island Administration as well as other establishments of Government of India functioning in these islands.

“These Islands are isolated and far flung from the mainland of India.Life in these Islands is tough and expensive in comparison to other parts of India. There are limited resources for higher education and also for employment opportunities,” he pointed out.

Referring to MHA’s Letter No, U-14011/10(S-41)/77 –ANL dated 14-02- 1984, he said that A & N Administration had introduced Domicile / Local Certificate for appointment in Government service.

“Accordingly, earlier all vacancies under A & N Administration were filled up only from amongst the Local candidates. However, it is regretted to say that although MHA has not issued any modified directions or withdrawn the aforesaid circular/OM but the local government departments of A & N Administration have discontinued the requirement of Local/Domicile certificate while publishing vacancies resulting in recruitment of non-domicile candidates in the various Group B& C posts of A & N Administration,” the IPF President, apprised the Ministry.

Thus, with the limited Government jobs on offer in the Islands and in absence of major industries or private establishments plus the grabbing up of Govt. Posts by the non-domicile candidates, the unemployment among Local candidates have risen to an alarming level, Mr. Mustafa wrote in his letter.  

He added that due to non-availability of Private companies in the Islands, local people are fully dependent on the Government Sector. It is pertinent to mention that the Local / Domicile certificate is still being issued by the Revenue Department as per the MHA’s Letter No, U-14011/10(S-41)/77 –ANL dated 14-02-1984.

“With candidates from mainland in the fray, the Island youths are now facing difficulty to compete with them and secure the limited job being offered by A & N Administration, he said. The unemployment in the Islands has thus increased manifold and the youths are deeply disturbed and depressed eyeing to a bleak future,” was his observation in the letter.

The IPF President requested the Ministry to look into this important matter concerning the Island Youths at the earliest and in line with the decision taken for Jammu & Kashmir/ Ladakh, Domicile / Local Certificate may be re-introduced for getting appointment in Government services in the Islands so that the Local Youths of these Islands get the chance to secure at least the Group B and C post of the A & N Administration.

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