INTACH Andaman and Nicobar Chapter Celebrates Earth Day with the students of Khalsa Public School

Port Blair, Apr 20: To make students aware of local and endemic species of the islands, INTACH chose to distribute books titled Anmol Dweep to the students. The book has an abundance of information on the endemic species of islands. A total of 160 students participated in the session.

Students drew bat fishes, and leatherback turtles, and the salt water crocodile and the Common Birdwing. A few chose to add their own colors to coral reefs, while a few others were fascinated by the Narcondam Hornbill. The children also took an oath to protect the environment and love their islands.

The sessions were conducted by Samhita Vede Acharya, Convenor, INTACH Andaman and Nicobar Chapter with support from volunteers Ebi Mathew and Sibi Mathew. INTACH extends its gratitude to Principal S.K. Jagpal for her kind support. 

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