ICAR-CIARI Organized A Training Programme On “Application of   Biocontrol Agents (Trichoderma) For Disease Management in Agricultural Crops’ ‘ Under STC Project at Harminder Bay, Little Andaman”

Port Blair, Dec 22: One-day training cum-awareness programme on “Application of   biocontrol agents (Trichoderma) for disease management in Agricultural Crops”was organized under the STC Project by scientists and technical officers of ICAR-Central Island Agricultural Research Institute at Harminder Bay tribal Village, Little Andaman on 16th December, 2022. Mr. Andrew Mosses, Captain and Mr. Festus, Secretary, Tribal Council, Harminder Bay graced the occasion. At the outset, Mr. D Karunakaran, Scientist welcomed the farmers and explained the importance and use of Trichoderma capsules. He advocated that it is a patented technology of IISR, Kozhikode and helps in the management of soil-borne diseases of plants and facilitates sustainable crop production. Mr. KShyam Sundar Rao, Farm Manager explained the Importance of disease-resistant crops and use of bio-control agents in Agriculture.Mr. Lakhan Singh, Technical Assistant demonstrated the application of Trichoderma capsules and powder in Agricultural crops. A total of 90 tribal farmers participated in the training programme. Trichoderma capsules & powder along with improved vegetable seeds were distributed to the tribal farmers. 

The training programme was conducted under the guidance of Dr E B Chakurkar, Director, ICAR-CIARI, Dr P K Singh, Head of the FCIP Division and Dr.Zamir Ahmed, In-charge, Social Science Section.

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