ICAR-CIARI establishes Nakshatra Garden in its campus

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Port Blair, Sep 19: Nakshatra Garden is based on the theme of astrology which includes a variety of plants and trees linked to the zodiac signs and stars. To promote the concept of agro-eco-tourism and conservation of the environment, ICAR-CIARI established a Nakshatra Garden at its Garacharma Research Farm on 19th September 2022.

            Dr. I. Jaisankar, Senior Scientist and coordinator of the programme welcomed the Director and Scientists. Dr. E.B. Chakurkar, Director, ICAR-CIARI inaugurated the planting ceremony and briefed about the significance of Nakshatra Garden in human life. He informed that astrologically, Sun and Moon have a differential impact on the well-being of humans during their transition via 27 nakshatras/constellations, and their impact could be modulated or improved by planting a specific tree associated with each nakshatra.

            Scientifically, nakshatra trees have a substantial number of secondary metabolites for the prevention and treatment of various human diseases and release higher oxygen and volatile organic compounds than other species to give positive energy to humans. He expressed that, such sacred groves will add value to agro-ecotourism in the Islands and attract tourists who look for some unique natural destinations apart from pristine beaches.

         Later, all the participants planted saplings of the trees associated with 12 Rasi and 27 Nakshatra Vatika in a laid-out pattern. Dr. V. Damodaran, ACTO proposed the vote of thanks.

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