HRS Gratitude to Dr Sumeet Sharma

Port Blair, Sept 25:  In a major breakthrough, Dr. Sumeet Sharma Interventional Radiologist, Apollo Clinic, Garacharma have performed a Procedure on Mr Sanjay Krishna and  removed 100ml of Fluid Collection from Pancreas with the help of a Needle and Local Anaesthesia.

The Procedure was done on 24-09-2022 in CT SCAN MACHINE and lasted for 1 Hr. The Doctor took every precaution to perform the Procedure. The Overall Cost of Procedure was 27000/- including USG, CT SCAN with Contrast, essential blood test for the procedure, Procedure Charges, Cost for Culture along with medicine charges. The same thing will cost Around 3-4 Lacs in any Hospital by Surgery.

HRS added that Apollo Clinic is very well Maintained, Hygienic and Economical having good doctors (came from mainland and providing their valuable consultancy on regular basis). Mr Sanjay Krishna & members of Hindu Rashtra Shakti, Andaman and Nicobar Islands request islander to Consult Dr. Sumeet Sharma, interventional radiologist for USG and CT SCAN by visiting Apollo clinic, Garacharma.  The Hindu Rashtra Shakti team expressed gratitude to Dr Sumeet Sharma and his team for providing best health treatment on affordable price.

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