Fire incident at Bengali Club area

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Port Blair, Jul 22: A minor fire incident was reported from an Electric Transformer at the Bangali Club Junction Road at nearly 07.40 pmon 21st July 2022.

            The fire alarmed the nearby residents, who immediatelyintimated the matter to Fire Brigade. The Fire caused a power cut fora short period of time at the night in the entire Bangali club area.

            The Fire Brigade Vehicle and employees of the Electricity Department took no time to reach the spot. However, the flare disappeared as soon as the line was cut off by the staff of the Electricity Department.

            As per information, it was believed a tree branch disturbed the high-tension service line which caused a short circuit and initiated the fire. The fire incident caused a 20 minutes traffic jam in the area which was ultimately managed by the A&N Traffic Police and staff of Aberdeen Police Station.

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