Establishing Conservation Unit of threatened Teressa Goat and Interface Meet on documenting AnGR of A & N Islands

Port Blair, May 08: 15th Interface Meet on Characterization & documentation of AnGR of A & N (UT) under the mission towards zero non-descript was organized jointly, by ICAR-NBAGR, New Delhi and CIARI at ICAR-CIARI, Port Blair. Teressa goat is one of the threatened indigenous breeds as per Breed Watchlist 2022 released by NBAGR, New Delhi.  A total of 30 delegates of ICAR, KVK and Line department attended the Meet. 

During the occasion, Dr. B.N. Tripathi,  DDG (AS), ICAR, New Delhi inaugurated the first conservation unit of Indian goat breed i.e. Teressa goat at ICAR-CIARI in presence of Dr. P.K. Rout, ADG (AP&B), ICAR, New Delhi, Dr. B.P. Mishra, Director, ICAR-NBAGR, Dr. E.B. Chakurkar,  Director, ICAR-CIARI, Dr. Jai Sunder, HOD, Animal Science Division of ICAR-CIARI and other learned faculty members of ICAR-NBAGR and ICAR-CIARI. Director, ICAR-CIARI also showcased the modern, eco friendly and less labor-intensive goat shed which is a state of art established at ICAR-CIARI and useful for raising goats under impending climate change scenario with minimum medication. Team of ICAR-NBAGR also visited other livestock and poultry sheds which was appreciated by the visitors as altar for maintenance of endemic breeds of A&N archipelago which are reared in the villages by the settlers and indigenes of the Islands. To start with the interactive session, Dr. Jai Sunder, HOD, Animal Science Division of ICAR-CIARI welcomed all dignitaries on behalf of scientists and staff of ICAR-CIARI. Dr. E.B. Chakurkar, Director, ICAR-CIARI briefed about the mission, vision and mandate of the Institute and its uniqueness amidst diversity with fragrance of scents of research on Horticulture, Fisheries, Natural Resource Management and Animal Production & Health. During Presidential address Dr. B. N. Tripathi, DDG (AS), ICAR, New Delhi made a clarion call to transform A&N Islands into a disease-free island for production of export quality animals and further characterization of animals with the aid of contemporary omics tool. Dr. P.K. Rout, ADG (AP&B), ICAR, New Delhi discussed the need for identification of genetic disorder traits, selection of other productive and reproductive tools (known as economic traits) through use of modern technologies. Dr. Dr. B.P. Mishra, Director, ICAR-NBAGR enlightened about indigenous animal genetic resources which is a hidden treasure of India which are used by resource poor farmers for energy budgeting, production and can thrive under impending climate change scenario. Dr. K.A. Naveen, Director, 
DAHVS, A&N Islands narrated the endemic animals which demands attention for characterization  and conservation as well. The interface meeting was also graced by a galaxy of  scientists of ICAR-NBAGR namely Dr. S.K. Niranjan, Dr. H.K. Narula, Dr. Monika Sodhi, Dr. Bina Mishra, PC KVK, South Andaman and state veterinary officers.

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