Disaster Management Issues Landslide Safety Measures For ANI

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Port Blair, Mar 01: In the recent past, Landslides occurred in some parts of ANI due to underground water pressure, rainfall in monsoon sessions, earthquake, human intrusion etc. which caused damaged infrastructures, blockage of roads, and loss of properties & environment of ANI. Considering the above, the residents of this UT are required to be aware of landslide precautions and its mitigation measures. 

To safeguard against such disaster, Dr. Nitin Shakya, Director (Disaster Management), A&N Administration requested the residents of ANI to follow do’s and don’ts during landslides to save themselves and properties.

Assess the soil before constructing home or taking any property in a landslide-prone or hilly area. Make buildings away from the steep slopes, edge of mountains, drainage ways, or natural erosion valleys. Build embankments on the gradient slopes. Build retaining walls. Fit flexible gas pipes to avoid leakage.

If people stay in a landslide-prone area, then try to evacuate the place as early as possible. Be aware of unusual cracking or rolling of huge stones. Keep a watch on the water in the stream or channel. Stay out of the path of debris or landslides. Keep watch on the road for mud blocks or debris overflow. 

Don’t drive during the landslide. Don’t cross any stream or flooding river. Try to adhere to instructions given by the Government and do not ignore those. Do not ignore damp areas or any mark of cracks on roads and buildings. Evacuate the landslide susceptible place as early as possible. Carry necessary documents with you. Carry emergency medicine kit, dry food, and drinking water etc.

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