ANTCC President seeks attention towards the Non-Functional of CCTV Cameraat GB Pant Hospital

Port Blair, Aug 04: The ANTCC President Mr.Rangalal Halder has requested the Administrationconcerning the issues for immediate attention of the non-functional CCTVCamera system at GB Pant Hospital.

In a letter addressed to the Directorate of Health Services, A & NAdministration, Mr. Halder has highlighted the issue which has led to aseries of unfortunate thefts and security breaches in recent days in GBPant Hospital.

He said that several recent incidents of thefts in GB pant Hospital havecreated an atmosphere of fear and insecurity among patients and attendants.The lack of surveillance has emboldened miscreants to exploit thevulnerable areas within the hospital premises, putting lives at risk andpotentially damaging the hospital’s reputation.

He added that during the night hours at GB Pant Hospital , outsiders arealso  seen roaming unnecessarily in the medical premises which hardlyaffects the safety and well being of the patients and attendants in theHospital which needs immediate action for the same.

Mr. Halder further stated that the safety and well-being of patients,staff, and visitors must be the top priority as it is imperative that theMedical Administration should take immediate steps to restore the
hospital’s security and prevent further incidents.

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