ANTCC President Demands to provide meals to Patients’ Attendants at GB Pant Hospital

Port Blair, June 07: ANTCC President Mr. Rangalal Halder has demanded the Administration provide meals service to the Patients’ Attendants at GB Pant Hospital.

In a letter addressed to the Directorate of Health Services, A &N Administration, Mr. Halder said that patients’ attendants were facing huge difficulties in accessing meals while accompanying their close ones during their stay at GB Pant Hospital.

He stated that the patients’ attendants are spending long hours at hospital, which leaves them with limited time and resources to arrange for proper meals which  plays a vital role in supporting their well-being and enables them to provide the necessary care and support to the patients.

He pointed out that the attendants have to manage their own sustenance while providing support and care to the patients, meanwhile often stages burden for those who have limited financial assistance or come from Inter-Islands.

He added that “the attendants who tirelessly care for the patients during their hospitalization are facing numerous challenges, including limited time for self-care and financial constraints which are to be stressed out by the Medical Department.

Considering the circumstances, to ensure that the attendants receive adequate meals without any additional burden or expense, Mr. Halder has suggested the Medical Administration for regulating the token system while serving meals to the patients’ attendants for alleviating the stress and burden at the GB Pant Hospital.  

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