ANTCC President Demands for Installation of Dialysis Service and appointment of Specialist Doctors at the District Hospital of Nicobar

Port Blair, Oct 21: ANTCC President Mr. Rangalal Halder has demanded The Director of Health services for immediate Installation of Dialysis Services and further Appointment of Specialist Doctors at District Hospital of Nicobar.
In the letter addressed to the Director, Directorate of Health Services, Mr. Halder said that to provide maximum Healthcare benefits to the patients by appointing necessary Specialist Doctors and Dialysis Care services in Bishop John Richardson Hospital, Nicobar District.
He said that the existing District hospital in Nicobar is a key priority to receive affordable multi-speciality care in their place of stay. As patients from Nicobar are making a lot of effort in travelling  to Port Blair for procuring their Health care facility and other necessary medical treatments.
He further mentioned that by providing Dialysis Services and Specialist Doctors at District Hospital of Nicobar could provide requisite benefits and reduce the time bound for the Patients of Nicobar.  

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