Andaman Avians Club Conducts Asian Waterbird Census 7th Time in a Row

Port Blair Jan 25:Andaman Avians Club conducted Asian Waterbird Census 7th time in a rowsince 2017. Andaman is an important bird area with a lot of diversity inthe birds. Being in route of the Eurasian Australian flyway migratory routethe island is privileged to host many migratory birds mostly belonging tothe wetland ecosystem. The Asian WaterBird Census (AWBC) is aninternational event conducted across the globe by the Wetland Internationaland by BNHS in India. This is one the largest citizen science initiativewith the goal to support the conservation and management of wetlands andwater birds worldwide.

The Andaman Aviansclub for the first time attempted to census the completestretch of A & N Islands in one goes. The census was conducted in locationsat North Andaman, Middle Andaman, various wetlands in South Andaman,Terresa, Kamorta and Great Nicobar Islands by the club members andvolunteers. A total of 50 people came together for this coordinated event.During the census some rare wetland sightings in Andaman were also recordedlike the Ruddy Shelduck, Garganey, Black Winged Stilt, big flocks ofAndaman Teal. Mr. Arun Singh, President, Andaman Avians Club expresses itsgratitude to all the team leaders, Mr. Shubash from Diglipur and Mr. Sureshfrom Havelock for their coordination and volunteers from Geography Dept ofJNRM in the successful conduction of the census.

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